one of the parallel universes
after the end somewhere
a universe from again
like a parrot peanut
After having künefe
You see a parrot more
As the second mersedes jewelry san andreas
favor passwords through the universe
and you hints of any county
Iles Ademto tea!
A man in a suit on the asphalt
There are many chat in the road takes
Desperate and phrases century
Yilmaz people close enough to the idol
and everything was as wheat in the field
The purity remembered
Smuggled tea drunk only in some places
And all of a sudden climates can stand
After the car stopped, ran into!
No matter how many seconds! Run for!
And should tie!
Name names
Cities should be in any city
And any military mates
From there, it would have been
Were close to each other as much as Serpico
Sometimes I take frından cheese bread store
You need to eat on the way
Someone stand the and asphalt
I had all the time vegas
hungry people in the conversation in the car
I had always been curious about the universe and that the car
Could be whoever they want to be
On the road to face any
Maybe the second time they see it ürpereceklerdi
Any point on the road now, and Urban
The universe is a travel agency
                                     Raci EĞİ

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