Life in spite of everything strange and chaotic yaşarıların all ranges getirinimi self-fulfilling prophecy, such as climbing the stairs to dress in clothes you will fly Superboy possess the minds of the freedom of the city to wait for diaphragm will surface like a whale .. still be nice dear life ...
                                                                                RACİ EĞİ
part of the ear of a fish in the ocean at işlevselik kabarttığı anlığa until you experience the love, Feel Great Wall of China inkalara far, so loving Honululu away from the shelter literatures çıkmasılın Levels of today draw their own picture, create a smile on brush strokes start Arfonyas now ..!
                                                                                                 RACİ EĞİ
in front of me and one as a valuable aesthetic judgments varlıklandırılmış ceremony took place with rods until the operetli and says the magic words kılnmış dear their hair all the time and is now as free as ...
forty-eight he was now no longer a baby crying perhaps Martti! zeta jones black dress so far ...
perhaps an infinite black eldivenleriydi finger portions smile carved motive was approaching the table into the table between us copies cooperation di perhaps the eyes of your heart is set-point control of the avalanche müziğiydi du karşılaşmışlık maybe a coffee shop every morning again, comparing the black botlaıydı maybe two the number of pinned somewhere in the universe now yaşarımda any energy transfers Why did they live engelliliğiydi milk that morning, why? citizenship, look into the eyes of a time at any time in three years, now introduces new Zeta found it right next to the black dress dig up the last drops roughly the color of a titration period belonged to summer's gone, now leaves geldiyle kalmışlığında maybe I'll be a boomerang stutgartta an open heart, I'll be back when the sound of music-you, me otmobilde There were just way off where it does not matter that no longer
                                                                                       RACİ EĞİ
street musician living areas there is plenty of artistic splendor of the art plug-in or something like dışavurusu., clean and awesome at the top of large buildings or city parks represent the nature of the colossal statue picture düşünselli, museums, art centers, visual aesthetics and ethics that hosts the definition of the future which people are concentrated in urban pattern of the individual categories shows itself inconspicuously
                                                                                                    RACİ  EĞİ
yes the light of our minds so that we missed, or that moment the mind has accumulated heritage of the add-on is provided yakalayabiliriz.dünya parametrisini again and we feel alone in the universe is probably yes often do not use a lüxümüz bluff, vases, Beru, such as using the words .. ;)). splash boards Mendoza should overcome .. ;)) .. we influence each individual living in his own universe birbirimizi.karşılıklı şeklinde.bazen modulation transfer or we become a super nova in the mirror sometimes jammed superman movie would be one of three black dressed .. ;))
                                                                                                        Raci EĞİ

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