cans pitch circle
kunefe minolta photo of Countenance
Chocolate fantasy turns amber
tini mini honeysuckle rocketing
cradle with a dry cloth of honor
Senior dish antenna sim
brown strands motorways
I told the toros boulevard of arrogance
pearl sinister patience canvas
sack-fated black holes
brush strokes smile
Columns of smoke generated
                                                                                     RACİ  EĞİ
madam! since you're beautiful
Once bound to the couch
throw the fake smiles
sympathetic like cats
amber today kokmalısın
I say slice
Leave something to say
İkiztepe suna park
infinity it in my pocket
Listen, wait a minute, do not go
just get in an hour
Stop everything! take a walk ..
                                                         RACİ  EĞİ
hezyanlı crass idea rüküşü
Shirvan tent liners nubuhar
baked scheme betondu blue eyes
is satisfied that the ant frivolous
Sedal Nidal coffee invoices
I called the harmonious integrity of steel
twenty million paper emblems
hansel mourning the fate of moonlight
                                                      RACİ  EĞİ
tanif hınıslı cliché sofa
request for patterns of consciousness
Hanifi cord is protected şule
honey-toned satin Circassian
nazif coke is the epitome of origin
figures, tempo-stemmed Çamlı
Pors sambal motive harmony
winter coat, my art purification
Sobel is the epitome of Pinocchio
Feed the cute virtuous
good bad ugly cigarette
tarhana a love slide
                                                                              RACİ EĞİ
FOLDING curved glory syndrome
dermanlı pulpit aesthetic kevgirim
A health katipli turanjım
nida nida Bolivia due to
synchronize the altar of alluvial night
request for calibration curves Zuhre
ajitem terrace loose in the suburbs
shackle niches diva rudder
sages cedar tone Tuluğ
at the time my tea canvas bakışlım
astek flow of titanium rackets
Throw the ball either!
                                     RACİ  EĞİ
sevgicen aktarlı energy cycle
Tundra logo, tone of Galicia
Cassandra hallway on the train
horse hooves hidden
grumbling is a passion
no longer work in the circus!
Cohen grabbed the feet
In March üçvirgülondört
work! stick and move
olurunda trinkets like cookies
I said Saladin
wisdom and dignity of the coding
kostarikalı long shirt collar
deva deva! diva diva!
It's an attack on dor s
Lana .. waiting for Xena t ..
                                                          RACİ  EĞİ
Sort of a termination site in kibarında
Didem crispy donuts külahında days
ant blue eyes meded
cute darling little concert tour excavation
Trap-sized ladies' saddle width
curve originating in the Babylon babillonum
bluff-sized titanium zincirlobum
gator fever fitness Wiggles
kıpranış emblem booth in my soul
mir successful succession şevboylu
suhuf pudgy character turntable
Come on let's go, buddy!
                                           RACİ EĞİ
shod compact genetic password
What did you wear Scarlett's green mountains of cream?
click-clack of a lemon and saffron language
Deal with them folded crispy honey
çilseli baked'm white sandy beach
tuvalindenmi brush inherent to come?
kırksekizi multi-suhuf bikarar
and output them folded my darling
modem-spirited monitor bakışlım
What if you were a million transistors writer?
and the city lights went totally
became an instant fan you under
                                                                 RACİ EĞİ
aka value
acacia plant filintalı
What pedal between the entertainer
cup of fitness skate
smiles through the prism of meteors
aka value
whip-red tears in alphabetical
What you call signal zangocu
Company Showcase baby!
sands of the Sahara ply zuhal
sonya! sonya!, or the last, or SONYA
                                                        RACİ EĞİ
What is the spiritual padolya'nın kafurumusun?
sessions should be restricted Zimbabwe
One of the bodies of the coast kurçatovyum'un
Today surfing warmest blöfüyüm
pattern plain dirty secret
Tor was brandishing a hammer
Fixing a huge masculin antibodies
tölerem initiative tile vase
oysters, lobsters hallway neferli
When the bright lights of column
Remember yaşarımda shutters thread
sensual expression of reality is no longer
Cordoba pulled his face perhaps
SEFLİKA deprived few days!
instant statement tebessünün canvas
filintalı love chrysanthemum greens
                                                RACİ  EĞİ
Glue yellow sweet chocolate
alyanslı trans blue eyes treble Lalem
meerschaum quarter of printed documents
gavel honey lifer
contribute to the city's strange pıtırtısı
must be one of the lord's books
mandalinalı sugar cocktail
tümdenmi left either!
                                          RACİ EĞİ
Landscaping sequential feature sipahi
Kutluk chip-distance sweetheart
intercept a spring swing
aktan fizandaki milk bank
hello! Dutlu generous cavalier
sicily character stereotype viper
No. waterfall motif grandchildren
What portly yaptında rudder!
beach shorts, velvet powder
sürkümlü green sapphire kerelerdik
beautiful polishing horn-induced
Tekken solar arc bathroom
                                                            RACİ EĞİ
ship to capture radiant dalyanlı
selpakçı silken forehead like fishes
yellow and crossed the road
frequency of the penetrated purple
oh I wish I duymaktalar unaware of
red ants antenna
trapped in the diamond symmetry
I passed the light of the strips
desolate mourning hidden waterfalls
jim define Howkins in anektodundayım
a slice of cake delayed jets
zıplamaktı perhaps by blowing oxygen into space
hysteresis character courier association
harmonious rocketing cheerful smiles
undermining the purity yaşarımlarda
hepl worry protected olurlarda
                                                                             RACİ  EĞİ
hıçkırıklı proletariat antelope
Ottawa virtuous manifesto
lalalar red laleli lüleli
mussels in a lüferim tutukluğunda
maneuvering lever eyed
driver mahli songs
ladybug ufum
Stay! that looks like kryptonite
sipahi counter clamp
assigned to the blue morning Jackal
pretty kettle of pinekle
Çamaltı scandalous noodle
Derya advertising engineering
internal miswak'm white
earl-eyed moose!
senlibel the back of
                                                                   RACİ EĞİ
 was once citizenship,
did not stall anymore
perhaps pass by baktığımdı
öncesel hardware offerings
smile shooting star
Owner's Manual
current levels procedure
the adoption of the
notary intensive approach
energy accent
trained prettier referendum
Why not milk?
Halva virginia bread bişkek
Anatolia genetic aktarlı
Elvira wake up, wake up!
let's go
                                                  RACİ EĞİ
 wise, witty poems ellipses
candlestick and green sahara term
du du dud dud! song
my feet are hot sand akıbetle
I'm wet, such as salted fish sudayım
karlito buzz
istinye neferli seherim
Süruri metallic sugar pulp
Antrenya! Antrenya you!
red blue come here!
just cries yüzeydeyim
Blow a little baby! Let
                                                  RACİ EĞİ
grant the right oval yaşarımında
kıyılı my boat florida
zambaklı nave Olivyam
chest of drawers is a passion backed
şempaze reproachful nebula tikiydi
Now I'm at Casablanca
right next to the plane
a bit far from over
annual lobelia leaves of the curve is now
nectar drink too masculin
Hawaii's Mualla bird
Olivya! Nida nida!
                                                                    RACİ EĞİ
 dogma of genetic yaşarımlı
What year are you at
physical phenomena which oluruydu
time instant smile staff
thousand dirhams hold avuçlarımdı
pepe! pepe! hold out your hands!
It's a sea horse proconsul
the indispensable symbol of amusement park
                                                                       RACİ  EĞİ
plane tour of cıbıl lottery
Mobilink laleyli peanut terhisli
zero-curvature ellipses ciritli
çortu çortu months sweetheart
Protect Protect dryly
cartilage blew out loud trains
I entered the city of Nineveh library
Assyrian warriors vaguely cillop
photograph harmony scheme syndrome
cracka mass gait
poured rivers of solid gold
The dull green filamingosu
                                                   RACİ  EĞİ
Delilah photosynthesis
carburetor fragrant desert plants
tükürüklü decipher Liberia
Tuesday salında a swaying movement
dizaynen enstitülü muayyensin
Come on, baby! day to fly today
Turn the wheel slap propeller
Nail rake clouds the sun
Certifi turanjlı notarized ice cream
MONALIZA canvas tongue
two zero one seven-ant followers
strength to elite, the green of face
dante voracious coastal gull deltalı
qualified grief antifreeze wife
duct tape the rainbow
Come here! squeezing me here
                                                          RACİ EĞİ
the glass was one of the most curved flavors
the most sacred weakness of the pyramid
The paradox of love is dead
 fibralyöz accented maneuver gateway
katekülle viable milling çekabı
Railway labeled saltine crackers
çıtlat finger buffet Zorro
It's the most despised horse kişneyişinde
kathmandu baby hat figurine
He replied shaking the volcano's love
he was in life now
Boni enough is enough! structural yourself!
                                                                                  RACİ EĞİ
entrance door turns amber
face on the pillow exacerbations of counter-
mojito cocktail of ash cat
odd-fated ill-tempered chaos
Samba is an alternative flow of the troika
trovalta dance, my lady Isfendiyar
What a strange thing to like you!
My pipe Singleshaft watermelon sugar
astro breeze unbecoming of symmetry
Go to the roller dial chamber!
the coast is now a new
run! run for today
                                                              RACİ  EĞİ
respected college accented dizayntirik
come on now!
Japanese Alice in takunyalarıydı perhaps
twisted-walking Charlie Chaplin's wearing
aperture flow beloved boat
Tahmina stop! sails unfurl!
shortage of daring safari bag
arithmetical base of the impasse of love
                                                               RACİ  EĞİ
street musician living areas there is plenty of artistic splendor of the art plug-in or something like dışavurusu., clean and awesome at the top of large buildings or city parks represent the nature of the colossal statue picture düşünselli, museums, art centers, visual aesthetics and ethics that hosts the definition of the future which people are concentrated in urban pattern of the individual categories shows itself inconspicuously
                                                                                                    RACİ  EĞİ
tuffaceous arrogance of victory sailing
Sule count baby
March-eyed cat payphones
Take me to the greed rudder
What is it? quiet at night
kırımlık roost tale brown
canvas portrait of pirates
Oilcake benches cherubic host
volcanoes milk bottle
sand hills carpenters passage
It's a fake veteran kamçılayışı
the rest he would settle the baby!
                                                       RACİ  EĞİ
Ask the mysterious sun loungers Şule'sine
Happy sugar challenging lalesine
where are you? rasatım headlights with joy!
effort Lithuanian flexible canvas
esnektaneliğinde expression of pink ...
Run the vast ferahında overtime
age the development of staffing cases!
hatırlanımın alluvium melodious smile!
                                                                     RACİ  EĞİ
forty-eight he was now no longer a baby crying perhaps Martti! zeta jones black dress so far ...
perhaps an infinite black eldivenleriydi finger portions smile carved motive was approaching the table into the table between us copies cooperation di perhaps the eyes of your heart is set-point control of the avalanche müziğiydi du karşılaşmışlık maybe a coffee shop every morning again, comparing the black botlaıydı maybe two the number of pinned somewhere in the universe now yaşarımda any energy transfers Why did they live engelliliğiydi milk that morning, why? citizenship, look into the eyes of a time at any time in three years, now introduces new Zeta found it right next to the black dress dig up the last drops roughly the color of a titration period belonged to summer's gone, now leaves geldiyle kalmışlığında maybe I'll be a boomerang stutgartta an open heart, I'll be back when the sound of music-you, me otmobilde There were just way off where it does not matter that no longer
                                                                                       RACİ EĞİ
that future should be in the circus
Silinya these wet jump!
muscular glue chauvinistic altar
modernik fleet 'articles fil'im
Taam natural splendor right
sezinsel purple tuhaflığında
jonklör reputation in the hands of desperate now
We said the tiger ..
                                                 RACİ  EĞİ
Structural either! structural self-meadows
me! me! me! needy was to be
any time of the accent of a language
Migros waiting for the gate
maybe meg Rayn
the door of any faculty
suddenly walked up to a point
karaşimşek the blue
thought that perhaps the way to go
One of the bags was his
the park's most maneuverable observation
life wake up trolley
                                                                RACİ  EĞİ
Happy hıçkırışı distance from the triangulation point
Sedimya occurring mental giant magic!
where are you?
vast knowledge yaşarısında you hear me!
içsellenimliğinde zamansalllık DiMAGE a size above
Sedimya and long blond hair to his knees!
Character to the right of the Egyptian tuvalsel kits
and now saw myself flying butterfly
düşünülmüşlükte combinations of instantaneous axes
was to start collecting crumbs
such as drinking water criteria embrace of noble
tebessünün gestures of a light beam
history never happened
                                                                       RACİ  EĞİ
                   WHY NO MILK!
milk has not spread ..!
looked at mobile phone on the bench ..
it did not!
male homosafiensle ceremony
has not been accompanied by ..!
approached the two values ​​..
it did not!
16 miracle happened ..
it did not!
72-71 = 1 mathematics
not synchronized ..!
Grasshopper jumped 5555 times .. not!
reminded me of a van ..
it did not!
spoke at chess ..
not ...
looked at the Oscars awards ..
it did not!
living bodies
make a trip to one of the
Do you want to? did not!
                                                                RACİ  EĞİ
yaşarımsal close genetic figures, now
given peak time semerkant'ında
You should ask the Olympic active beautiful sets
must lasagna flavors
cosmic-sized rings of Saturn
optimism must be dressed up to make up two fingers to his forehead
Grant mademoiselle white eteklerinli
ice fairy! where are you?
must have a pair of skates and stoppers
Tell him that senatoryumda!
Alain Delon! Alain Delon!
orkestraydı çılgınlığındaki a seagull
fish ear kabarttığı
bill, stop self-empathy
geçmişlik greeted him with a surprise
suddenly leaping catch blue lekelerdi
the last member of a race untyped
smile on his face faded mimikliği
I missed expectation appealing dawn
mahbub brawl solar-backed kilimlerdi
fenomenliği reached a gibbon
wing knees sliding bushes
're up baby! rowing tones
Alonya! Nor mystery nor milk yeşiliydi
princess of royal velvet clergy
Kepez marmalade m'kay fulyalı
prompter ancient butterfly tank
                                                    RACİ EĞİ
should be modified match girl
üşümekle masculin look at the sun
hidden splendor of space engineering
transparent şevboylu seek refuge in mourning
irreversible point
behind the moon now
Astrud wals'in Gilberto'su what?
ney köprüaltı koşumlukta long operetli
sürgümlenmekte the banks of life
Spartacus winged hawk containers now!
You should write folded handkerchief that day,
Search for contacts cyclical çimkentli
Taksim payphones shack meydanlı
magnelinya! bohemian diva canvas accented
albatrosses there to walk a little more
magnelinya'm right! sit a bit!
                                                         RACİ  EĞİ

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