artur! where are you? perhaps space platforms earth
In one of the vital moment toparlanmışlığı memory
someone somewhere makes an inference
antigone on perceptions of some things!
face a lot of living space and a lot of
time flows, rises from buildings, such representatives tekrarsısı
takes place, what was the main target? Janari!
Tell me, which one is the best, the most sacred
What was the best the memories from those who have
someone somewhere that conceptual mode
we do not know a lot of names and a lot Yaşar
knows only need to know in temporality
logo design with balls and implicit indicators encrypted information
Skills, technology, inventions, what's going on, a lot of things in mind metaformu
I always would think, a circus, amusement park or zoo hayvanet
newcomers are always going to be, there is always the vegas
and in vagas ta Kalsada in Vegas
Someone would know everything in Vegas
mental frequencies, infinity, wit çakışmışlıkta
biryerlerdeler and somewhere they know just what you need to know
missions in the game, such as deadly dozen or san andreas
always moves to the next düşündürülür, reproduction should be family
be made by the type of people you need to be yapmasanda
You're not the only pebble spaceship
similar to the one they will not be a problem for you
range can be determined when it is sent
to assist the development of the body, the soul
configured as a variation, deck, sometimes
Also you may need to clean the captain, the captain Mercury is sometimes
was forced to eat dog meat
long john silver treasure islands hounded for years
Who knows, but it would be under a flowing şelanenin!
When it comes time to yaşandırılması yaşarılar
yaşandırılırken, just do what you do
to do what is necessary, so that even when self-
kaptırısinki the nafs your body so bütünleşmiştirki
sobbing cry, laugh, we moved, the human species
metaformu belonging live, mental conferences over bodies
If you were one, invitations gönderilmezdi, the smallest in the ocean
Even if all the mines and the underground until a single-celled giraffe
deryalardan encrypted in space tutta
Even if you think you know so much of the human species
Alberto is not fully rendered possible!
So what do you need, marongozculıukmu?
Is Kirk Dauglas? If Yılmaz Güney?
maybe something both sculpted, like others
the opportunity to ride a horse, even if still time cause
not because there is not anywhere in any taam
                                                            Raci EĞİ

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